Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Wifey Day!

Who is that little cutie? Who is that sultry beauty? They are one in the same person: My Perfect Wife!

Tomorrow,  July 23rd, is her birthday, so mad shout-outs to her!

We have raised the question here on this blog before, but what a fantastic woman like this is doing married to a dork like me is a complete mystery. I will not question it though, and will just continue to count my blessings.

Happy Birthday, Perfectest of Wifeys, and many, many, many, many, many, etc., more!

BTW, if you would like to post a comment wishing PW a happy day, I suggest you do it quickly. When she sees I've posted these pictures of her, I'm afraid this post will be coming down!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Sappy Birthday!

Yes,  today is the Big Day for me. The Big 5-0. My Birthday. It has started well. For those of you interested in what my gift-swag haul has been, here is what I have received so far (In addition to the awesome autographed Witchiepoo photo I mentioned in the previous post):

(WARNING: Yes, I am aware that most of these gifts seem like they would be more appropriate for an eight-year-old than a grown man, but please reserve your snarky comments. It's my Birthday!)

• From my dear Epal Andrea, I got an exclusive "Young Amy Pond" figure that she picked up  for me when she visited the Doctor Who Experience in London. It really isn't that great a figure, but it is an "exclusive" that most fans here in the States won't be able to get their hands on (at least not at a reasonable price), so I am thrilled with it. The fact that it arrived a few days ago at the end of a particularly unpleasant day made it that much more appreciated.

• From Perfect Wifey: A Bamboo™ Wacom tablet. This is another of those gifts I  didn't know I wanted till I got it. Soon I will be goin' all crazy-digital with my cartoons (don't hold your breath).

• Also from Perfect Wifey: The Mamma-Jamma of gifts: A Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker! For those of you out of the loop that have no idea what this is, it is a toy, but WHAT a toy! It is HUGE! It towers over Rocco the Wonder Dog (Who is afraid of it. I think he thinks we got some weird new dog to replace him!), it make all kinds of noisy, obnoxious sounds, and overall just thrills me to death! 

I have no idea how PW knew I wanted this, but maybe all the Amazon links to it I sent to her about it gave her a clue.

One unexpected "gift" I received, just in time for my Birthday, was a severe case of Heat/Sun stroke! I have been spending way more time than I usually do outdoors this Summer. Yes, I know that as a pasty person of European descent, I am supposed to be kept in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, but recent circumstances have required me to be outdoors a lot lately. The result is an unnatural, random "Farmer's Tan", and the aforementioned case of Heat/Sun stroke. Before you say anything, yes, I have been using sunscreen, and drinking plenty of fluids, but the fact of the matter is that I am unaccustomed to "outdoor life". Hopefully, I will acclimate before the Summer is over. 

BTW, the illustration here is a pretty accurate description of what I look like right now. Enjoy.

Enough rambling! It is my Birthday, and I must celebrate! Surely more gifts and pleasures await me!

Or at least a new Judge Judy is on...

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Gift giving can be a daunting task. It's hard to find just the right thing to delight the intended recipient. There are a lot of people who don't even try. They just buy the first thing they see that might be appropriate for  the recipient, and are done. This is why Dads always end  up with ties or crappy shaving kits on Father's Day. I used to be a gift-giver of this ilk, until a few shaving kits showed me the error of my ways.

Seriously, if you don't wanna put any thought into your gift-giving, just give a gift card to the intended recipient so they can buy something they like. They will still know that you put no thought into their present, but at least you won't force them to lie about how much they "loved" that swell shaving kit you gave them.

There are people out there though, who put a lot of thought into the gifts they present. They search high and low for things that their intended not only wants, but were unaware of just how much they wanted said item(s). 

My Fabulous Sis and her Husband are just such people. The other day I received the item you see here: An autographed photo of actress Billie Hayes as Witchiepoo from my favorite childhood show, H.R. Pufnstuf! This is something I would never have thought of getting for myself, but I absolutely LOVE it! 

I love it so much, I may violate Massachusetts' State Law and replace the black velvet portrait of the Kennedy Brothers reunited in Heaven that hangs over my mantle, with this. 

Much thanks to FS and FBIL for this truly special gift. It ranks right up there with other great gifts I have received, like my Major Matt Mason Space Station, my copy of Ray Harryhausen's Film Fantasy Scrapbook, and my 12" Cyberman action figure, on my list of gifts that have thrilled/touched me the most*.

So if you have someone who you have to buy a gift for (like say, this Friday), remember, give as you would like to receive. Or, give a gift card.

* PLEASE NOTE: Pathetically, very few of these items are gifts from my childhood.

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