Sunday, December 21, 2008

There's No Business Like SNOW Business!

As promised by the weather forecasters, we here in the Irish Riviera were hit with one doozy of a snowstorm! I estimate the snowfall at 2 feet, but Perfect Wife, who actually shoveled the stuff
(while I was up  in bed, "sawing wood"), puts it at more like a foot and a half. Accumulation aside, there's a lotta snow, and it's still snowing!

It's good this storm happened on a weekend, so not so many people had to brave the slippery roads to get to work. Not so good for retailers, though, who I'm sure were counting on this last Saturday before Christmas to boost their Holiday sales. PW and I attempted to go to our local mall, but the road conditions were so poor, we turned around and went home (after a visit to pick up a pack of cigarettes, of course). On Monday, we will join the legion of shoppers who were also thwarted from Holiday shopping. I just hope we can find a parking spot within walking distance of the mall.

Someone who is delighted with the snowfall is Rocco the Wonder Dog. I was afraid we would have a problem getting him outside in this inclement weather, based on his aversion to rain. It turns out, my fears were groundless. Rocco loves the snow! He burrows and sniffs, and rolls around in the stuff. The only problem? Getting the freezing, snow-encrusted human walking him to get him to go back inside.

As I write this, it is Sunday morning, and the snow continues to fall. When it will end, who knows? For now, here at my house, we will just hunker down, watch some Holiday specials and ride this storm out.

Then go to the mall tomorrow.


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Blogger Maggie's Mom said...

But the key is the blessing that you have such a wonderful pair (Rocco & PW, not necessarily in that order!) to hunker down with. Get cozy & enjoy the peace.

Let Rocco know that Maggie ran around on a golf course both yesterday & today...clearly the loving snow part runs in the canine part of our family!

December 21, 2008 at 11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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