Monday, October 20, 2008

Scanner Scams!

I had the best drawing to post today, as well as a bunch of witty observations on the subject matter. 

Then my scanner crapped out on me.

So until Perfect Wife comes home and shows me what I'm doing wrong, this illustration will have to do for today.

This comes courtesy of my friend and all-around-great-guy Steve.

I'd like to forget about my years in the All Star Squadron. I was honored to be asked to join, but I soon found out that membership in this exclusive club wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

It was fun at first, fighting global terror and all, but the down times  were awful!

The Flash showing pictures  of his kids at super-speed, Hour Man nodding off in the  middle of a conversation when his hour  pill wore out, and Dr. Fate always  telling you what was going to happen to you tomorrow ("You will have a jelly donut, but you will not enjoy it".).

Still, the stag parties with Phantom Girl were fun...

Next time, my scanner will be fixed, so get ready for my best post ever!

Or, a reasonable facsimile thereof. 


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