Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Again, the Block!

I hope all you readers out there had a happy, safe New  Year (actually, if you had an unsafe New Year, chances are you're not reading this right now).

We had a lovely start to 2009. We were whalloped with a  giant snowstorm, which gave us  the perfect opportunity to avoid going to any parties. Perfect Wife and I just snuggled by the fire, and watched the sad spectacle of Dick Clark slur his way through his "Rockin' New Year" special.

Really, truly, sad. Can't celebrities figure out when it is no longer suitable for them to be on camera so we can hang on to our fond memories of  them? Apparently not. Let's call it: "The Lucille Ball Syndrome".

I should talk about being feeble-minded! As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I am, once again,  experiencing a bout  of "creative block". 

I have written about this syndrome before, and I know this inability to draw or write anything remotely entertaining will pass, but it's still vexing.

Enough of me and my "issues"! Happy New  Year to all!

Next time:  Back to the Apex of Mirth that is this blog.

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