Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year? Let's Hope!

The year 2008 is finally behind us! I know the year 2008 was a rough one for a lot of folks, us included, but there WERE some bright spots, at least for us. I'm sure if you rack your brain, you can think of one or two yourself. Here are a few of mine, in order of appearance:

• The year started quietly, then, in March, I quit my steady job drawing cartoons for a local retailer. If I had known how bad the job market was, I wouldn't have made this decision so hastily. All has worked out slightly well though. Through a series of odd jobs, freelance gigs, and Perfect Wifey's actual job, we managed to squeak by. Barely.

• Also in March, I saw PW do her star turn in  a local theatre production. She was fabulous, and repeated this feat in another role in November of this year. No, I am not biased. 

• Wow, March was busy for us! We also went to Las Vegas for an overdue honeymoon financed by my Perfect In-Laws. We had a wonderful time, and even came home "bucks up", but not by much.

• In April, things really kicked into high gear! We moved into  our new house. It has been a great, but pricey, experience. We are all happy here. It is like the Brady Bunch without Alice, although PW fills that role pretty well. I am more like Sam the Butcher. The neighbors are great too, nothing like the Dittmeyers.

• The month of May brought another milestone: Rocco the Wonder Dog joined the family! He and I have an up and down relationship, but overall, we're glad to have  him.

 Our carpet may not share this sentiment.

• In case you didn't guess, I also started a blog this year. You're reading it right now, in fact! It has been a really rewarding experience, and has brought me back into contact with dear friends I lost track of, as well as making some new friends I've never met. If you are thinking of starting a blog yourself, I highly recommend it. Unless some creepy person starts stalking you as a result. This, however, hasn't happened to me yet, try though I  may.

Man! So much has gone on this year: Great parties with family and friends, our first anniversary and new Doctor Who toys, that it's hard to cover it all (and I have in several other posts, so go to the archives if you missed anything).

Still, no matter what happens this year, it has to be better than the time I spent New Years Eve on a cruise ship, and right after Midnight we were capsized by a giant tidal wave. If hadn't been for Reverend Scott, we never would have made it out of there! I still miss Mrs. Rosen, though.

 To all my loyal readers: Let's just hope for a bright, shiny New Year!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from a long-time fan. Much love,

December 31, 2008 at 2:04 PM  
Blogger Maggie's Mom said...

Happy New Year from another long-time fan :)
~FB #2

December 31, 2008 at 8:17 PM  
Blogger Steve Dooner said...

Hey Bill,

A Happy New Year to you, sir!

They are annoucing the name of the new doctor some time today!

Keep watching the interwebs for updates!

January 3, 2009 at 8:44 AM  

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