Monday, June 20, 2011

Dribs and Drabs

Yes, once again, a long time between posts.

 I open with this line so often, it has almost become the catch phrase of this site. Sorry about this, loyal readers. Unfortunately, things ain't gonna improve in the next couple of months.

You see, I have a new gig, one that will be keeping me away from my posting duties here. For those of you concerned about the state of my "art", rest assured, I will be drawing cartoons all day. I will also, for the first time in a while, be "The Boss". That's right, I will be in charge of a bunch of creative types. This might be the time  to toss in some witty quip about the inmates running the asylum, or something like that,  but really, I am looking forward to this project. I have faith in my crew, and I think we'll have fun and make some money. At the very least, I will have a bunch of hilarious posts about the whole experience at the end of the Summer,  when the project concludes.

Sadly, this also means that the Kaptain Keen book collection will be delayed a bit. Rest assured, when the Summer is over, I will give it my full attention. When it  finally debuts, it will be worth the wait. Promise.

Please don't think I am abandoning posting completely! It's just that the  time between posts might be a bit more spread out than it already is. If you don't wanna miss a thing, I suggest you subscribe to this blog. That way, each new entry will be brought to your immediate attention.

On a completely unrelated note, and as  an explanation for the illustration shown here, I saw the Green Lantern movie last weekend. I am a HUGE Green Lantern fan, so the fact alone that such an obscure Superhero was attracting mainstream attention thrilled the little nerd in me to no end! The movie didn't, however. Don't get me wrong. It was an enjoyable film, and there were moments of geeky greatness, but I wanted so much more.

Oh well, I am  no stranger to disappointment, and I am  sure I have provided the readers of this blog with more than my fair share. Fortunately, I am a pessimistic optimist, so there is always  hope.

Have a safe, happy, creative Summer, all!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you would have made a great sinestro in this pic.
any chance of you making a second in series?


June 21, 2011 at 6:13 PM  

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