Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mustn't See TV!

What has happened to TV? In the heavy TV watching days of my youth, we only got 3 Broadcast  channels, and 2 UHF channels (which you could only get after  a half an hour of twisting rabbit ear antennas). Now we have the magic of cable, a gazillion channels, and NOTHING is on! I don't know if the writer's strike earlier this year decimated production of shows this year or not, but it seems as if there is less and less to watch each week. This years' "Fall Previews" all look awful to me. It looks like PW and I will be stuck watching reality shows or re-runs of the "Law and Order" franchise, which are conveniently scheduled at  every moment of the day. I dislike most reality shows, and as fine a show as L&O is, the episodes lose their luster after you have seen each one 5 or 6 times.

Yes, there are movies on cable, but I have seen "Sky High" & "Little Black Book" quite enough now, thank you Starz® network.

To be fair, there are a few good shows out there. Shows we enjoy, that you might, too, include:

• "The Office": Duh. Everyone loves this show. 

• "Psych": NOBODY knows this show exists (at least no one we talk to), but it is a truly entertaining show on the USA Network for about 3 minutes every Summer. Worth watching if you can find it.

• "Bizarre Foods with Anthony Something-or-Other": On the Travel Channel. If you ever wanted to see a grown man eat disgusting food in a Godforsaken Hellhole, this is the show for you!

• "Doctor Who": Regular readers of this blog already know I love this British show shown on the Sci-Fi Network. Some have already viewed it and decided they despise it. You be the judge.

That's about it. Sad isn't it? Why can't some brilliant network exec create an "All Odd Couple Network", or show Warner Bros. cartoons 24/7? Then I would be happy.

Of course, I could read a book or go out & get some fresh air & excercise, but I might miss something good on TV...


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