Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Talkin' Turkey Day!

There haven't been a lotta posts here, lately, mainly because Perfect Wifey and I have been involved in a "creative" endeavor that has sucked away massive amounts of our time. That project is now history (FINALLY!), and we can relax at last.

Or can we?

It turns out, no,  we can't. Tomorrow we head to the Big Apple to spend Thanksgiving with my Fab Sis and look at giant balloons. Vacations are supposed to be  a time to  relax and unwind, but I have a feeling that visiting the city at the busiest time of the year will be the polar opposite of "relaxing". 

Sadly, that means I'll be away from the keyboard for a few days, so no more posts here until next week. The good news for  all of you out there is that I'm sure to return with plenty of hilarious stories of our adventures to thrill and delight you.

Since this is a Season of Thanks, thanks to all of the faithful readers of this blog, who take the time to stop by and leave a pithy comment or two.  It makes doing this worthwhile.

In case you're wondering, the post on that film that has haunted me is still coming. I am  just tweaking it a bit. The drawing I did for it is great! At least, that's what PW thinks. Since she can't stand the film in  question, that's saying something.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Gobble, gobble and all that sorta  stuff.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving!

let us know if they have a mooseboy balloon in the parade this year!


November 24, 2010 at 6:41 PM  

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