Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor

The writing staff here at bwhitecartoons.blogspot.com  (me) is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality laff-fest you can find on the web. Sure, there are plenty of blogs out there bringing you the details of every aspect of the author's tedious everyday existence, but only this blogspot can bring you you the details of MY tedious everyday existence!

Such jocularity doesn't come cheap, however, so I have turned to Google AdSense to help support this blog. For those of you not familiar with it, GAS lets blog authors post ads on their sites, based on the topics they write about on their blog. If a reader of the blog sees an ad that interests them, and clicks on the ad and orders said product, Google will send a few pennies to the author of the blog. Sounds pretty good, right?


First of all, I don't know what system the Google folks use to decide what ads will be appropriate to list on my site. It seems their computers zoom in on random phrases, and then plunk an ad on your site. Some examples:

• I have written extensively about my loathing of clowns, so why do I have a bunch of ads for clown related services?

• I have also expressed my love of squirrels in various posts. Why are there a bunch of ads for squirrel extermination services? I love squirrels! Don't respond to these ads!

• I have mentioned Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse now and again, and the products showing up here all look pretty nice to me, so there's  one point for GAS.

Then there are the ads that have NOTHING to do with my posts, like "BLACK DATING IN YOUR AREA", and "SHE HAD YELLOW TEETH". How did those pop up on my site?! I am all in favor of black dating (or anybody dating for that matter), and am not a fan of yellow teeth, but why did Google think these were product/services my readers would connect with?

I really don't know, but if you are a lonely black person with yellow teeth and a squirrel infestation problem who needs to hire a clown- This is the site for you!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really need to post every day if you want to develop a following. The blog is great, but the posts are too infrequent.


April 2, 2009 at 1:27 PM  
Blogger Bill White said...

Once a week is "too infrequent"? You obviously didn't grow up with me!

We here at bwhitecartoons value quality over quantity.

Plus, we're really lazy.

April 2, 2009 at 3:20 PM  
Blogger P.L. Frederick said...

Your last sentence describes me to a T. I had the same problem with GAS, and it seems that the ads go by the words you use. Every time you type "creepy clowns" Google figures your post is about clowns and serves up a clown advert. Perhaps some day one will show up for Clown Exterminator.

Anonymous: Nah, I post many times a week, sometimes as many as five, and I have no following whatsoever. Many random people visit my blog though. I prefer to think of my audience as leaders, not followers. Ahem.

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

May 4, 2009 at 4:57 PM  

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