Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Rambles...

Since I haven't updated the blog in a while, I thought I might take the time to address some of the  things that have been kicking about in my mind.

First up, after a very arduous Summer, Perfect Wifey and I needed a vacation. Since cash was low and we didn't feel like traveling a great distance, we decided to spend a week in the Berkshires. For those of you out of the  loop, the Berkshires is a place way out in Western Massachusetts. 

A boring place. A place where nothing much ever happens. A place where, if you were  sitting about remembering your days on a whaling ship, you might write a novel like, "Moby Dick".

And so we visited "Arrowhead", the place where Herman Melville supposedly wrote the classic "Man-VS-Whale" novel, "Moby Dick". In theory, this is a fascinating peek into the life of the author of a classic novel. In reality, the tour is a 45 minute walk-through of an old-time house, narrated by a "guide" who knows less about Melville's life than you do.

It would have been nice to tour the house at our leisure, unfortunately, we had to go on the "guided tour", hosted by a Historical Society volunteer. I knew we were in trouble when our lovely, ancient, guide couldn't remember Herman Melville's  name. Adding to the discomfort were the mosquitoes! They were as big as beavers, and very aggressive. How Herman managed to crank out the Great American Novel in that atmosphere is a mystery our tour guide couldn't answer.

One positive highlight of visiting the Berkshires was visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum. This place is probably the best-organized art museum I have ever visited. Rockwell's works are presented beautifully, and with the inclusion of a visit to his studio, you really "get" a feeling for the artist, and what he went through to produce his work.  Seriously, this place is worth a visit to the boonies of Massachusetts.


In other news, I DID finally find a Star Wars Gamorrean Guard action figure. If you scroll back  into past posts, you'll recall I despaired of ever finding this figure for sale in a retail store- But I did. He is everything I had hoped he would be. If you are a fan of Star Wars action figures, find this guy! You won't be sorry.


For you cartoonists out there, the drawing on this post was drawn with a Crayola™ Broad Tip Marker (with some Prismacolor shading). For general doodling, there is no better tool.  Try it and see!


Lastly, next week I will be attending the New York City Comic Con. If you are attending, please let me know, I'd enjoy meeting up with people who actually read  this blog!

By the way, if you are at the NYCCC and see an attractive babe in an "Infinite Hollywood" tee shirt, hands off! She's mine!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like your cartoon for this entry! the face and especially the hands are well drawn, and the absurd humor gave me a good laugh!

i’m sorry to hear that your vacation was a bust. the mosquitos would have sent me running in terror.

maybe you could have made the tour more fun by asking the tour guide some ridiculous questions. like...

has it been revealed why mr. melville insisted on wearing a pink lace woman’s nightgown while writing?


did the estate of herman melville ever settle their lawsuit with cbs for cbs’ unlicensed use of herman melville’s likeness and personality for the herman munster character in the munsters television show?

anyway, now that you’ve visited the berkshires it’s off your to do list. maybe your next adventure will make up for it.

congratulations on your action figure find!

i used to work at crayola.

ummm, and have fun at the nyc con. it’s been many years since i attended. i’ll bet the last time i was there was when i landed that fateful gig with comico. doubt i’ll ever again visit nyc. too many bad memories from my artist days.


October 6, 2011 at 4:49 PM  

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