Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sick Days

Nothing much to post today. Perfect Wife is battling a nasty cold, and I feel one coming on (hard to  resist  kissing PW, even when she's sick!). Even Rocco the Wonder Dog is feeling under the weather.

In lieu of anything new to post, here's another little piece  from a freelance job I did a few years ago. The client had a concept for a kids property that they needed images for to show potential investors. The concept was a  dinosaur/enviromental/adventure series that is  too  complex to explain here. As far as I know, this series never went beyond these sketches, a recurring theme in my recent posts.

These drawings are random sketches of various characters from the project. I actually like the way they look, and am sorry the series didn't go forward.

These characters may still be copyright the person who hired me, so you can look, but don't use.

If anyone likes these, I have plenty more I can show you.

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