Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Peek At a Naughty Chicken

Here are a few more images from the upcoming epic, "Oscar's Naughty Chicken". Coming out as soon as I settle a few issues, like coloring in photoshop and laying out the full page spreads.

I have been working on this book  for quite awhile now, and as much as I'm enjoying it, sometimes finishing the illustrations becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. As this is my first original children's book, I want it to be perfect, so that gnaws at the kanker, too. I do have to say though, that since we are putting the book out ourselves, there is no editor breathing down my my neck making nit picky unnecessary "changes. A first for me. 

For you art lovers out there, these drawings were done on cold press stock, with Micron pens & Sigma brushes.

I think I covered this before, but someone recently asked me about my "working methods". I love to hear this kind of stuff from other cartoonists, so if you're a cartoon geek like me, maybe you will find my techniques mildly interesting, at least.

I start by doing a bunch of scribbles on typing paper, with a really soft pencil. This is real stream-of-conciseness stuff, and I do it quickly. When I finally have something I like, I use a light box and re-draw the illustration on a  good piece of paper leaving room for the copy (That explains the empty white spaces in these images). I don't trace the rough, I actually do a new drawing, trying as hard as I can to keep the looseness of the original sketch as much as possible. When I am happy with the drawing (or at least content), I ink the drawing using mostly markers with archival ink. I used to use the traditional dip pens & brushes with India ink, but the quality of them has fluctuated so much in recent years, that I am more  comfortable with the markers  right now. The markers are cheaper too. Always a plus.

By the way, all the images you see here are copyright me, so you can look but don't use!

Next time, something new and exciting!

Or more of the same.


Blogger Witch Hazel said...

I am looking forward to the finished product. An autographed copy I hope......

October 7, 2008 at 4:59 AM  

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