Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hitting the Links!

Daily visitors to this blog have no doubt noticed that I do not blog daily. I have every intention to blog more frequently, but something always seems to come up to prevent me from posting. This happens so often, that my whiny excuses for my absences have no doubt become the highlight of my posts for some of you.

Not having something fresh and tasty for you to read everyday worries me. I am especially concerned that those of you that "surf the 'net" while you are at work and supposed to be working, will be forced to turn away from your computers and actually do the tasks you are being paid to perform.

I don't want this to happen to you, Oh Loyal One, so I have prepared a list of some of the blogs and websites I visit regularly. Hopefully visiting these sites will fill the void when I have nothing new to offer. 

In no particular order:

News from Me- Writer Mark Evanier's site is chock-full of Show-biz and cartoon history, as well as Mark's humorous observations about just about anything and everything in the world. 

Cartoon Brew- A terrific website for animated cartoon fans and pros alike. A highlight of this site is the lively comments section, where professional animation artists condemn every animated film and TV show sight unseen, long before they debut. They also have links to a lot of other great animated film sites like:

Michael Sporn's Animation Splog- Michael Sporn is an independent NYC-based animator, and his site is a treasure trove of animation artifacts and artwork. He also posts every single day without fail, which makes slackers like me feel even worse. When you visit his splog, take the time to watch some snippets of some of his beautiful films. 

Tom Richmond's MAD Blog- Tom Richmond is one of the new generation of MAD's "usual gang of idiots". He is also another way-too-busy-making-money guy who still manages to post almost every day. His blog has tutorials, works in progress, and all kindza stuff, written in an entertaining, personable style. For you geeks out there, go into his archives for the staggering saga of how he built his own movie-quality Batman suit. It is jaw-droppingly awesome.

Drew from TV- If you don't like Drew Carey, this isn't the site for you. I happen to like him a lot. I like his stand up and his sitcom, and I loved his book "Dirty Jokes & Beer". He even makes watching "The Price is Right" tolerable. Now he has his own blog, and it's just like having Drew over your house to shoot the breeze over a few beers, minus the beer.

Gary Fields Studios- Gary is one of my oldest pals and a super cartoonist. As much as I like visiting his site to look at his always-fun cartoon work, I really like the fact that he blogs even more infrequently than me. That makes me feel better. 

Anita Answer- Got an obscure question about your next trip to Walt Disney World? Head on over to Anita's site every Monday, and see if she can help you out. Anita is also a bigger Doctor Who fanatic than me (hard to believe, but it's true!), so if you want to make sure she answers your question, make a reference to the Doctor in your question. Don't ask her about Dole Whip™ though. Just don't.

Ken Levine- If all he had ever done was write scripts for "The Odd Couple" TV series, Mr. Levine's site would be a must-read. Throw in the fact that he's also written for "M*A*S*H, "Cheers" and "Frasier", and his blog is a HAVE-To read. His site is so chock full of funny behind the scenes stories and witty commentary, that it almost can make you forgive him for the fact that he co-wrote the Tom Hanks' movie "Volunteers".

Clique Clack- Speaking of TV, this television fanatic opinion site has the dubious distinction of having me on their writing staff. I post even less frequently on their site than I do on my own. The other writers there are great though, and always have some pithy observations about all things boob tube-ish. 

Small & Big- This site is difficult to describe, so just go and enjoy and laugh. I do.

The Onion- Funniest. Site. Ever. Even funnier than mine, if that's possible.

So there you have it, just a few of the sites I pop in on that I hope will help you while away the hours until I post again. I know there are a lot more out there that I'm forgetting/neglecting, but this list is long enough for now. If you have a site you think that I and the few other people that read this blog would  enjoy, please send a link in the comment section.

Always read this page first, though!


Blogger Bruce B said...

A guy who writes about comics and does take-offs on comics, less interestingly (to me), talks about SYTYCD and Canadian law: Check out, e.g., "I Should Write the Legion."

Another guy who also writes a bit about comics: . Especially search on "storytelling engines".

July 3, 2009 at 1:41 PM  
Blogger Bruce B said...

Whoops, just thought of one more:

But if you've never been, don't go unless you got hours to kill...

July 3, 2009 at 2:01 PM  
Blogger P.L. Frederick said...

Personally, I like your posting schedule. You write lengthly, well-written, funny stuff that's well worth the wait to me. People who post daily, it gets to be a burden visiting them daily, no matter how good they are. I dunno, that's my two cents.

Wow, you visit Small & Big regularly, regularly? Garsh!

July 4, 2009 at 9:04 AM  

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